Grand Coffee

Grand Coffee is a restaurant that serves both Western and Asian cuisine at our Fantastic Water World location.
This indoor restaurant is decorated in modern style and allows guests to indulge in a luxurious private area featuring specialty dishes and drinks.

Grand Coffee is one of the most suitable places in the water park for family, groups and couples wishing to share family breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests also can enjoy outdoor dining on the patio overlooking the pools under the sky.

Kid's Playground

Kid's Playground is free for all the kids and toddlers. Rain, rain, go away, all the kids want to do is play. This indoor playground in Fantastic Water World offers plenty of play sets to keep them busy—even on sunny or rainy days.

When the family is tired of swimming the whole day and the little ones just want to run around like they would at any of the city's best playgrounds, let them go wild in this indoor playground.

There are many types of play sets here such as Rocking Horses, 8 in 1 Play set, Garden Playhouse, Rectangle table, Chair, Swing Set etc...


Fantastic Water World has a Medical Clinic and First Aid facilities.

Our nurses are on standby daily from 9am to 6pm to meet the customer's needs when they need medical attention. 


Fantastic Water World has lockers available for daily rental.

All-day lockers are available on a first-come first-serve basis. There are two locker rooms located in the changing rooms.

All- Day Locker Rental

- Large Locker: USD 0.50
- Small Locker: USD 0.25
- Deposit: USD 5 per locker, upon returning of key, deposit will be refunded.