Kids Pool

Fantastic Water World offers an amazing day for children, who not only enjoy the Lazy Wavy River, Relax Pools, Giant Slides and Spiral Slides, but also the choice of two dedicated and uniquely designed kid’s areas. These attractions provide all day fun under the Life Guards’ supervision to its highest safety standards.

Aqua Play holds several slides perfectly designed for kids (2-14 years of age), as well as other fun equipment that will entertain all day long.

Aqua Splash is a special water spray and splash area for the smaller children. This feature has been exclusively designed for Fantastic Water World, and the variation of water levels will provide different experiences for all ages.

Giant Rainbow Slides

Giant Rainbow Slides is the classical slides design among all the water fun feature.

It has 4 lanes, with using just body to slide down. Riders can race by riding the water slides from the same starts point at the same time, the lanes are with wave slope, along with the wave slope, the riders will finally slides to the finishing line in a competition mode. It is a highly interactive water amusement attraction with huge bearing capacity, will allow riders to have greater thrills in the competition.

Parameter of Rainbow water slide

Slide platform: 14m

Slide length: 64m , Inner width: 0.6m

The projection area: 6m×64m , Sliding posture:1 person body slide

Spiral Slides

Guests can experience water slides here for the first time on the gentle Spiral Slides for an exciting flows.

The Spiral is the best ride to start with, either in a single or double tube. The slide is opened that will make the journey very special before arriving gently in the landing pool area

Parameter of Spiral slides

Slide platform: 12m

Slide length: 100m

Inner width: 1.4m

The projection area: 1.4m×100m

Sliding posture:1 person body slide and 2 person double tube slide

Lazy Wavy River

Take a seat in a single or double tube or just swim along and float down 320m of the Lazy Wavy River, experience waves to push you, bubble areas and waterfalls to splash and soak you.

Along the way, admire and explore the ruins of the ancient city, and be captivated by the mystical rock sculptures from the long-forgotten past in the cave – a real highlight!

Parameter of Lazy Wavy River:
River length: approx 220m

River width: 4-5m

River depth: 0.8~1.1m

Water velocity: 1m/s

Max capacity: 2㎡/person

Relax Pool

At the Relax Pool area one is able to encounter a gently swim while enjoying the invigorating bubbles in the water, watching waterfalls and beautiful bridges is an integral feature of the pool.

Parameter of Relax Pool:
Water area: 836㎡/set equipment

Water depth: 0.6~0.8m

Max capacity: 2㎡/person